Dyhonne Lucas is not only Ritmo Do Brasil ( Zumba ) trainer or trainer in the gym as well as personal trainer but also a travel provider.
Dyhonne took his first sports vacation in Poland in 2018. This was the start for all the other sports vacations that have already been done currently in the past years and for all the upcoming vacations that Dyhonne Lucas is planning.

Dyhonne Lucas as a travel agent that combines third-party tourist services (such as hotels, flights, transfers, flights out) to a package tour, to offer it to customers or participants, acquaintances, friends and families.The vacation is made up of the package tour and his “Dyhonne Lucas event package”, which includes sporting activities during the vacation.

Of course there are also excursions on the schedule. Which exactly, is usually announced at short notice and adapted depending on the vacation country.

The travel group is very mixed from young to old so it is very dynamic.
Dyhonne Lucas is very eager to meet everyone’s needs and interests, for example, to take into account and include the needs of the participants, so that everyone can have a good and satisfying get-together and travel.